Japanese Agricultural Standards

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[JAS 0020]NISHIKIGOI — Vocabulary (2:40) [External Link]

, JAS for NISHIKIGOI was established!
Nishikigoi are one of Japan's representative ornamental fish.
They are also called "swimming jewels."
Once you see them, you'll be fascinated by their beauty.

Foods and beverages


Plant products (Non-edible)

Handling method

Testing method

Confirmation of equivalent performance of adhesives specified in Japanese Agricultural Standards (e.g. JAS for Glued Laminated Timber)

JAS lists adhesives that can be used for glued laminated timber, etc. Adhesives other than those listed can also be used as long as they have performance equivalent or better than those listed.
FAMIC confirms that the adhesives applied for confirmation have performance equivalent to the listed adhesives.

Adhesives with the confirmed equivalent performance

  1. Adhesives for Glued Laminated Timber (PDF: 43KB) (Date of revision: )
  2. Adhesives for Cross Laminated Timber (PDF:103KB) (Date of revision: )
  3. Adhesives for Laminated Veneer Lumber (PDF:262KB) (Date of revision: )
  4. Adhesives for FingerJointed Structural Lumber for Wood Frame Construction (PDF:170KB) (Date of revision: )
  5. Adhesives for Glued Build-Up Timber (PDF:177KB) (Date of revision: )

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