About Fertilizer and Feed


A.  In order to ensure the fair transaction of fertilizer through the conservation of quality, and in order to promote adequate labeling of soil amendments, we perform inspections of fertilizer and soil amendments, and consider applications for registration of fertilizer, thus contributing to the enhancement of agricultural production.
B.  In order to secure the safety of feed and to improve its quality, we perform inspections of feed and feed additives, and national assay to specified feed additives (antibiotic preparations among feed additives), thereby contributing to the assurance of public safety and the stabilization of livestock production.



A.  Consideration of Applications for Registration or Provisional Registration -Fertilizer-
B.  Study on Proposals for Amendment of the Official Specifications -Fertilizer-
C.  Spot Inspection
D.  Examinations of Samples Taken
E.  Procedures after the Results of Inspections(Examinations) Have Been Obtained
F.  National Assay -Specified Feed Additives-
G.  Distribution of Standard Preparations -Feed Additives-
H.  Supervision of Designated Examination Organizations -Feed-
I.   GLP Inspection -Feed Additives-
J.  Research on Methods for Analysis
    (Research Report of Fertilizer)
    (Research Report of Animal Feed)
K.  Training and International Cooperation

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