about“Law Concerning Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds”

In order to ensure the safety of feeds, the MAFF of Japan implemented the following in accordance with the “Law Concerning Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds”:
- Maximum limits for pesticide residues, heavy metals, mycotoxins and melamine;
- Import ban of Non-approved GMO; and
- Feed regulation for BSE prevention.

1) Purpose of the law
- is to contribute to public health and stable livestock production by ensuring safety and improving quality of feed.

2) Scope of the law (31 animals)
- Livestock: cow, sheep, goat, deer, pig, chicken, etc.

3) Regulations
- Feeds not meeting safety standards or containing toxic substances are not allowed to be manufactured, imported, sold or used.
- Manufacturers, importers and/or dealers are required to submit notification prior to starting business.
- The MAFF requests necessary information manufacturers, importers and/or dealers and instructs FAMIC to conduct on-site inspection.


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